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Elechi Amadi

One of Nigeria's stellar novelists and poets has died. Elechi Amadi died on Wednesday, June 29 at the age of 82.

His novels, plays and poetry paint a picture of Nigerian village life, describing customs, beliefs and religious practices typical of pre-colonial Nigeria. His first novel, The Concubine, was published in 1966 and is regarded as a classic of Nigerian literature.

Other works by Amadi include The Great Ponds, Isiburu, Sunset in Biafra, Dance of Johannesburg, Peppersoup, The Road to Ibadan, The Slave, Estrangement, and the Woman of Calaber.

Amadi served in the 3rd Marine Commandos of the Nigerian Army.

In 2008, Amadi was abducted by gunmen and was released 23 hours later.

He received an honorary doctorate from the University of Port Harcourt in 2011. His volume of essays and poems Speaking and Singing was published in 2003 by the University of Port Harcourt Press.

Amadi was a writer-in-residence and lecturer at Rivers State College of Education, where he has also been Dean…

"The Weight of Glory" by C.S. Lewis

The Weight of Glory
by C.S. Lewis

If you asked twenty good men to-day what they thought the highest of the virtues, nineteen of them would reply, Unselfishness. But if you asked almost any of the great Christians of old he would have replied, Love. You see what has happened? A negative term has been substituted for a positive, and this is of more than philological importance. The negative ideal of Unselfishness carries with it the suggestion not primarily of securing good things for others, but of going without them ourselves, as if our abstinence and not their happiness was the important point. I do not think this is the Christian virtue of Love. The New Testament has lots to say about self-denial, but not about self-denial as an end in itself. We are told to deny ourselves and to take up our crosses in order that we may follow Christ; and nearly every description of what we shall ultimately find if we do so contains an appeal to desire. If there lurks in most modern minds the noti…