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Lost in a Big Tent

Alice C. Linsley
Many in the Episcopal Church USA have embraced a new religion. The religion derives from many ideological threads: modernism, feminism, process theology, rights activism, etc.

In this religion people may believe whatever they want. The only thing that matters is that we all love one another and non-judgmentally embrace a wide range of attitudes and behaviors that the Bible describes as "sin."

The historic Faith that was received and passed down by the Apostles has been revised to fit contemporary values. Theological revisionists worked diligently, though rather illogically, to create a "big tent" where everyone would feel welcome. Alas, the tent was destined to collapse, and it has.
The same-sex "wedding" ceremony of two seminarians last week in the Church of England is an example of where revisionists theology leads. It is praised as a victory, even as the Church of England loses members weekly. Likewise, the Church in Wales has seen a 1…