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Becoming a Novelist is a Long Learning Process

Hugh Howey explains:

I started writing my first novel when I was twelve years old. I was thirty-three when I completed my first rough draft. That’s twenty years of wanting to do something and not knowing how. Twenty years of failure and frustrations and giving up.

A big part of the problem is that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t know which questions to ask, much less who might have the answers.

These days, people write to me as if I know what I’m doing. Or like I have a shortcut to success. I’m not sure either is true. One thing I’ve learned is that luck plays a massive role. But what I do have are some insights today that I wish I’d had twenty years ago, tips and pointers that might’ve saved me a lot of headache and heartache if I’d known them sooner. Maybe it’ll help some aspiring writer out there if I jot them all down now.

Read it all here.
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A Pair of Wings

By Gabbi Hartenstein
(Grade 8)

She was running...again.

The dense trees around her seemed to be closing in, making her already rapid breath become shallow. She could hear people running behind her, trying to catch her.

“Harley! Over here!” A familiar voice cried.

Her eyes shot over to the left and she saw a figure running parallel to her. He was waving to her, trying to make her follow him. Harley experienced a rush of paranoia.

Should she follow him? Who was he? How does he know my name?

Something whizzed by her head and she shrieked. Harley ducked away and rushed for the boy to her left. He grabbed her arm and pulled her along with him as they hurried through the thickening woods.

“When I say jump, jump!” The boy exclaimed tiredly.

“What?” Harley cried, panic swarming her entire body.

“Just do it!”

She felt his hand grip harder on her arm as they covered more and more ground.

He yelled, “Three...Two...ONE!”

Harley launched upward into the sky, squeezing her eyes shut. She …