Monday, April 23, 2007

Spanish Short Stories

At a central Kentucky high school, Spanish 2 students recently competed in a Spanish short story contest. From the 48 entries, a panel of 3 judges selected 19 finalists. From these 19 stories, the judges selected 6 winners. Stories were evaluated on the quality of the Spanish, the development of plot and character, and the story's ending.

The stories will be reproduced as the students wrote them, although there were some mistakes. Overall, these stories represent tremendous effort and a high skill level for Spanish 2 students.

The following students' stories won:

Seath Beasley
Brittany Cole
Kelsie Doss
Taylor Goodlett
Benjamin Guzicki
Daniel Lyons

For the next six days, each of their stories will be published at "Students Publish Here!" The Spanish will appear, followed by an English translation. Today we begin with Seth Beasley's story about a hunter's run-in with a bear.

Seth Beasley, Grade 9

Cazando y Cazado

Un dia un cazador fue al bosque. En el bosque el encontró un oso enorme que le asustó mucho al cazador. El cazador estaba sudando mientras corría del oso peligroso.

Entró una cueva, pero el oso intentaba a entrar también. El cazador disparó su rifle, pero faltó. Entonces el cazador echó una piedra que cayó a la tierra detrás del oso. El oso estuvo distraído por el ruido y se fue.

Cuando el oso se había ido, el cazador pensó en cazar otra vez.

Se dijo, “Espero que el ciervo vendrá.”

El cazador comenzó a cazar de nuevo. El quería la carne de venado para su familia. El esperaba mucho tiempo en su escondite, pero no vinieron los ciervos.

De repente, el cazador oyó un rugido detrás de él. El se dió cuento de que era el oso. El oso había regresado y todavía estaba enojado.

“Aye de mi!” chilló el cazador.

El subió un árbol, pero el oso le persiguió. Afortunadamente, el cazador pudo disparar su rifle y el oso murió, cayendo al suelo. El cazador bajó el árbol y comenzó a cortar el oso, aunque a él no le gustaba mucho la carne de oso. Pero aquel oso iba a ser rico, porque era un enemigo muerto, no vivo.


Hunting and Hunted

One day a hunter went to the woods. There he encountered an enormous bear that frightened him a lot. The hunter was sweating as he ran from the dangerous bear.

He entered a cave, but the bear attempted to enter also. The hunter fired his rifle but it missed. Then the hunter threw a stone that fell on the ground behind the bear. The bear was distracted by the noise and went away.

When the bear had gone away, the hunter thought again about hunting.

He said to himself, "I hope that the deer will come."

The hunter began to hunt again. He wanted the venison for his family. He waited a long time in his hideout, but the deer didn't come.

Suddenly the hunter heard a roar behind him. He realized that the bear had come back and was still angry.

"Oh my gosh!" screamed the hunter.

He climbed a tree but the bear pursued him. Fortunately, the hunter was able to fire his rifle and the bear died, falling to the ground. The hunter climbed down the tree and began to cut up the bear, although he didn't like bear meat very much. But that bear was going to be tasty because it was a dead enemy, not a live one.


Alice C. Linsley said...

I enjoyed reading your Spanish short story, Seth Beasley. Keep up the good work in Spanish!

Anonymous said...

it was aww some so kool

Anonymous said...

used this for a Spanish project thanks!