Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Religious Poetry

I usually don't publish religious poetry because it is often overly sentimental or trite. This poem is neither and is quite exceptional in what it reveals about the spiritual sensitivity of the young poet.

The poem was written by Ephrem Hugh Bensusan and represents the last of his pre-Christian work. It was written when he was a high school senior in 1986. The following May, Ephrem heard the Gospel in a sermon on Psalm 82 (How amiable are thy tabernacles) delivered by a Pentecostal minister and committed his life to Jesus Christ. Ephrem went on to become a pastor. He maintains an informative blog, which you may view at http://razilazenje.blogspot.com

Just leaving town;
Walking down the road
with no particular place to go.
I've been dragged to the bottom of this town,
through all its filth and slime.
No matter.

I was beaten by the Pope
back in Avignon,
and yes,
Saint Sebastian once asked me
to trade clothes with him
for some reason.

at the inn,
I went into the
Apocalypse Room
without a piece
of the True Cross,
and the man
at the head of the table
asked me to leave.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Ephrem, for sharing this fine poem.

hopellen said...

Hope Ellen Rapson...English and Creative Writing teacher and tutor...Ephrem, the spiritual sensitivity of your poem is papable, and the symbolic allusions encryptic. Continue to record your spiritual journey in veerse.

Ellie said...