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Be True to the Truth at Your Core

Alice C. Linsley

Christopher Bryant, the British spiritual director wrote: “If we are right in taking the Jungian concept of Self, in its dual character as both the total personality and the personality centre, as the key to an understanding of the way God acts upon us and makes himself know to us, then it will follow inevitably that being estranged from God will mean being unaware of and out of touch with the heights and depths of our personality; it will mean being estranged from our centre and unable to love our own truth.” (The River Within)

Writers must never let go of spiritual truths that we may have learned as children. We must hold on to what is true and valuable. Spiritual truths reside at our core and mustn't be ignored. Self-estrangement is death for writers because it leads to nihilism and a jaded view of life. Hemingway describes it so well in this excerpt from The Snows of Kilimanjaro:

How could a woman know that you meant nothing that you said; that you spoke only …

Admitted to the Holy Priesthood

This poem is Father Ed Pacht’s reflection on the second Mass of the newly ordained Father Christian Tutor, an Augustinian monk, who celebrated the Mass in Latin at Trinity Anglican Church, Rochester New Hampshire on the Feast of the Holy Transfiguration.

Mass on the Feast of Transfiguration

Opening movement.

Introibo ad altare Dei,
ad altare Dei,
to the altar,
to the altar of God,
of God most high,
most high and lifted up
lifted up upon the hill before me,
and I
soiled and stained,
unable to ascend these steps until,
until I lay my sins,
all my sins,
and all my weakness,
in a heap upon this floor,
in a heap with those my brothers bring,
and so I climb.

a world ablaze in uncreated Light,
a world a-tremble reels in awe,
and I stand, a-dazzled by that glory;
in my weakness there I cry,

Kyrie eleison,
mercy, Lord, I cry for mercy,
as I stand within that light,
as my eyes behold and lips proclaim,

in excelsis,
in excelsis Deo;
the glory of Thy Light,
the light that sh…

Three Related Dreams

Alice C. Linsley

In this interview with Ancient Faith Radio, I mention a dream that I had about "the Pearl of Great Price" and this has prompted a reader to ask about the dream. Before I say more about that, I should explain that I keep a dream journal next to my bed and record significant dreams. I've been doing this for about 22 years so I am able to refer to those journals. The following 3 dreams are recorded in those journals.

On November 8, 1995 I dreamt that I was in a small office talking on the phone with a women parishioner, trying to persuade her to support the parish. After a time of conversation she finally came to her objection: her husband wouldn’t give to the church because of a woman priest. I countered that he should support the parish at least for the sake of the two men priests who were on my staff!

I rang off and sat down at a desk with a partition wall immediately in front of me. It was a poorly built partition and the larger room on the other side…

Spiritual Renewal and Creativity

Some readers know that I was an Episcopal priest until March 2005 when I set aside Episcopal orders. In February 2007 I joined the Orthodox Church and I worship in a place that I can describe simply as an illumined jewel box. The church is filled with hand-painted gilded icons and each week I drink in the rich colors and images that inspire my thoughts.

The spiritual journey of the past 5 years has been difficult, but very fruitful. I find that I have more creative energy than I've had in years and I intend to share some of that energy with readers of Students Publish Here!

For those interested in hearing more about my spiritual journey, you may listen to the Ancient Faith Radio interview done with me earlier this year. Click here.