Monday, September 3, 2007

Spiritual Renewal and Creativity

Some readers know that I was an Episcopal priest until March 2005 when I set aside Episcopal orders. In February 2007 I joined the Orthodox Church and I worship in a place that I can describe simply as an illumined jewel box. The church is filled with hand-painted gilded icons and each week I drink in the rich colors and images that inspire my thoughts.

The spiritual journey of the past 5 years has been difficult, but very fruitful. I find that I have more creative energy than I've had in years and I intend to share some of that energy with readers of Students Publish Here!

For those interested in hearing more about my spiritual journey, you may listen to the Ancient Faith Radio interview done with me earlier this year. Click here.


Les said...


I will find time to listen to your interview and I am going to have a stab at some poetry although I have almost no experience in the genre.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Go for it, Les! The Savior is our Muse.