Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Call for Student Short Stories

Students Publish Here is calling for student short shorts that address the qualities of gentleness and patience. The stories must be between 350 and 550 words and should be edited before they are submitted. A panel of 3 published writers (also English teachers) will judge the submissions and the three top stories will be published here with the students' names and states of residence. The Deadline for emailed submissions is Feburary 15, 2008. Work may be submitted in pdf form or as a Word document.

Here are 4 recommendations:

Develop a strong main character who the reader can identify with quickly. The character can be quirky, but the problem he or she faces should be something many people can identify with or have experienced.

We want to see the characters and where they are. Use descriptors that show significant small details and/or evoke sense memories.

Start the story as close as possible to the climax. We want to start reading where the drama peaks!

Provide a satisfying resolution. We want to be smiling, laughing or crying when we finish reading the story.

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