Friday, February 1, 2008

A New Link and What's Coming

Readers will note a new link at Students Publish Here! This is the blog of my friend Ed Pacht, a wonderful writer, poet and literary critic. Please take a moment to visit his blog and read some of his thoughtful work.

What's Coming Next?

Very soon I will post my response to Dorothy Sayers' "The Lost Tools of Learning" and a poem written by my sister, Hope Rapson, celebrating God's grace in her life as she has recovered from divorce. Then comes a poem by Peter Ould, a priest in the Church of England, who left the gay lifestyle. Both Hope and Peter can speak to the power of God to change lives and transform hearts.

In February I'll post some suggestions for Creative Writing teachers on how to get your students' work published.

I'm interested in hearing about topics that might be of interest to you, and will consider them as I plan ahead. The year 2008 promises to be a good one for Students Publish Here!

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