Friday, February 22, 2008

by Peter Ould

You won
but I didn’t lose
You gave your all
and now you want
So I’m waving
my white flag
and I can’t tell
if the blood smears
on it
are mine

Peter Ould is the Curate at Christ Church Ware, an Evangelical Anglican church in the Diocese of St Albans, UK. He became a Christian in 1994. He began by worshipping in house churches (Vineyard and New Frontiers) and eventually settled in the Church of England. He attended Vicar Factory in Oxford where he helped to setup the international networking group Anglican Mainstream with which he is still involved.

Peter, who self-identifies as "post-gay", speaks and writes on issues of sexuality and identity. He works with groups like Living Waters UK and TFT to bring the message of restoration and wholeness for all of God’s people. He is currently the chair of Redeemed Lives UK. Peter is also a member of New Wine Leaders Network and Forward in Faith UK.

He is married to Gayle and they are expecting their first child in May.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Peter has an interesting blog, here:

poetreader said...

That piece has a punch, and it reads well indeed.


Hopie said...

Thank you for the graphic of our sin-ridden world. Indeed, "nothing but the blood of Jesus" can graciously cover and mercifully heal what we do to ourselves and to others.