Saturday, March 15, 2008

Acrostic for Hannah Mulliken

In an acrostic poem the initial or ending letters form a word or phrase. To the right appears an acrostic which spells and describes the lemur.

Here is another. What does it spell?


Jovanni, Grade 4

This was written by one of our friends, Ed Pacht, a poet from New Hampshire:

Acrostic for an Author

Hidden in an obscure home.
Anonymous, the true king waits.
Not knowing what his destiny will be,
Nor the mighty throne that shall be his;
And unaware that greatness marks his soul,
Humility is his royal vesture.

Many seek to rule his kingdom,
Under false impression of their worth,
Little knowing that their aim is folly,
Little knowing that there stands among them,
Innocently thinking he is but a child,
Kay the king to whom belongs the sword that
Even mighty men cannot take up and wield.
Now he does, and now begins his reign.

ed pacht
March 14, 2008

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Alice C. Linsley said...

Ed, Thanks for the lovely acrostic. I had never done anything with acrostics at this site and now we have your wonderful example and Hannah's too!