Thursday, October 30, 2008

WiFi Comes to Pakistan

A takthi is the wooden slate rural desi pre schoolers use to learn to write alphabets, usually a wooden board about 8x12 inches on which they practiced writing with wooden qalams.

the takhti in the time of wi fi

wood makes a fine throne
table in the morgue
an innocent's child's takhti...

the poet has written
seeing is believing
but he also laments
what he sees is unbelievable

there were sixty seconds
in the minute then
but they went by s l o w l y
the takhti words were wiped clean
but the PC words haunt an eternity

the yellow stickie
a straddler of the takhti era

-under the peepul tree, mat, breeze and takhti
not to forget the zee nib, ink and pot
now the climate controlled room
PC, keyboard and wi-fi
that time passed us by and with the same certainty
we can say this time too shall pass by

Poem by Niilofer Farrukh, art historian and writer

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