Monday, February 16, 2009

Poem from Ed Pacht's Recent Chapbook

El Corazon
for Pablo Flores (South American Musician)

A poem
in words so strange
it's language is unknown
but in the power of the speaking
in the moving of the hands
in the expression of a face
there is the heart
es el corazon
beating strong
singing strong
stirring souls
and we hear
and we see
that beyond this place
es la gloria
la gloria

- ed pacht


poetreader said...

Nice to find myself here. It's a good place to be.

Pablo Flores, resident, of all places, in Effingham NH, is an amazing person, a gited musician, immersed in the traditional music of Latin America, a powerful performer, and a gifted poet, educated in both music and theology, and, most important of all, a truly good guy.

I heard him perform one of his poems en espanol.
I do not understand the language, but his passionate performance led me (and the audience) to understand the poem anyway. My little piece, with a couple of his Spanish phrases that I did catch, came out of that performance and Pablo expressed his appreciation.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Thanks, Ed. I love when the creativity of one poet stimulates the creativity of another.

There are many evocative and moving poems in your new chapbook. I intend to publish more in the weeks ahead.