Friday, June 5, 2009

A Lonely Chorus of Wind Chimes

That's the title of John C. Nichols' poem, sumbitted in response to the Poetry Challenge to use words from a random list (see here).

“A Lonely Chorus of Wind Chimes”
John C. Nichols

I find that I
Am caring for none,
Feeling no remorse as I swiftly stab
The lifeless living with glass so fragile
Like a broken egg, like a painful splinter
Stuck in my heart.
I find that I
Am longing for all, yearning for that
Which is me denied.
Yet ev’ry word I spew is naught but
A lonely Chorus of Wind Chimes,
Tinkling in the straggling breeze.
I find that I
Am falling away burned out and broken.
My heart’s deep desires
Imprisoned and slain
By that towering presence, that presence of this place
Which sucks my passions dryer than Death,
Colder than space.

It is Kurtz to me—
An Abomination, a Heart of Darkness.
A truth so black a lie must suffice.
I wish it were not so.
I wish these renderings would return to my mind,
So that I may paint in harmony once again.
And with this gentle persuasion
I bid thee:

Set me free that I may write again.

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poetreader said...

Wonderful, John!

ed pacht