Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Francisco's Farm and Wendell Berry's Farm

Each year I reserve the last weekend of June to enjoy Francisco's Farm, a well organized summer crafts fair hosted at Midway College in Midway, Kentucky. This year the weather was perfect!

I visited the booths, ate an Italian ice, sat in the shade an listened to jazz and R and B and bought Wendell Berry's book of poetry The Farm. Here is an excerpt from that volume.

Stay years if you would know
The work and thought, the pleasure
And grief, the feat, by which
This vision lives. In fall
You plow the bottomland
For corn, the heavy ground,
So frost will work the clods.
When it's too wet to plow,
Go to the woods to fell
Trees for next winter's fuel.
Take the inferior trees
And not all from one place,
So that the woods will yield
Without diminishment.
Then trim and rick the logs;
And when you drag them out
From woods to rick, use horses
Whose hooves are kinder to
The ground than wheels. In spring
The traces of your work
Will be invisible.

-- Wendell Berry


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