Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running the Race with Christ

Running to win the prize of the high calling of Christ is a theme developed by St. Paul in his letters to the churches. John Nichols (Asbury College freshman) has developed this theme into a lovely poem.

The Pursuit
By John Nichols

I feel the wind rush my face
as my feet pound hard pavement;
and as the time ticks away
my lungs burn, a straining effort
to suck air in and blow it out.
Ten seconds left,
nine, eight, seven.

Can I catch the man?
Can I touch his back,
this runner leading me?
Or will he cross the finish line
with a last wrenching gasp
and a powerful sprint
before I can end this Pursuit?

This is a race of life.
I must flee what pursues me:
the crushing weight of sin,
that I must in turn destroy.
So I pursue the leading runner:
Christ and the love and life He gives,
the Savior’s call to holiness.

I run the race to win the prize
for which God has called me
in Christ Jesus,
and I will catch Him
who races before me.
Will you dare to catch me?

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