Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Thanksgiving Poem

Color Shifts
Hope Ellen Rapson

Color Shifts
In a rain of leaves,
Let us pause and stop
To consider this season,
A time to harvest a crop
Of thanks…for a reason.
Among autumn woods,
We may see losses
And dry dreams,
But also clinging mosses
That green in streams.
So when color changes,
We can know relief.
For what a season takes
Leaving hearts with grief,
The Blessed Redeemer remakes.

During darker days,
Let us quietly wait,
Worship our loving Father.
Let each heart state,
“I am a blessed son, or daughter.”
With grateful wills,
Let us seek to share
Christ’s gracious gifts,
Reflecting God’s care,
Amid life's color shifts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Rapson! I really like the poem. The rhyming it wonderful, and I really think it describes Thanksgiving well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to one of my best students ever! You are gracious indeed. Love, Mrs. R....