Saturday, December 5, 2009

Faint Remembrance of Paradise

Thomas Cole's Expulsion From the Garden. Regarded as the "Father of the Hudson River School of Art", Cole helped to found the National Academy of Design in New York City. He is best known for his allegorical paintings.

A Day of Wonder and Beauty
Hannah Mulliken

A soft yellow light spreads across the clear sky.
The air is crisp, and cool;
the fresh morning scent of dew-splashed flowers
floats on a light breeze.

Birds of a myriad of colors open wide their beaks
and unashamedly glorify their Maker
for the wonders He performed that day.

Gurgling over rocks and roots
a stream flows through fruit-laden trees;
making its way out into an sunny meadow.

Butterflies dance through the air
proudly showing off their new-found colors.
With a happy heart, all creation cries:
“This is the day that the LORD has made!
We will rejoice and be glad in it!”

But alas, no one remembers
that perfect spring day
in a beautiful garden far away.


poetreader said...

Wonderful poem, and it ends with a powerful punch. How far indeed have we fallen when what seems perfection to us is so poor by comparison with what He made! Oh, how we need a Savior!


Anonymous said...

The imagery stirs a desire to experience that wonderful garden someday...Thank you, Hannah. May this poem be used to bring others to desire to be in the Lord's place.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous = Hope Ellen Rapson