Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Star in the Lion Sky

Hannah Millikin

A bright star hung in the Lion sky;
Pointing towards a city nigh;
Sages saw the great light;
Magi knew the power of that night.

“We must follow the star,” they said to each other;
For the Scriptures say we will find a mother
With a baby, the Messiah, lying in a manger.
We shall risk all to see the King, even danger.”

Packing their belongings, they traveled from the East;
To gift the King with presents from their hand;
Day and night they pressed onward in haste;
Their journey long, no time they’d waste.

But when, the crowded city of Bethlehem grew near;
They lost their happiness and good cheer;
Where was the babe they had come to see?
They asked the King, “Where is he?

That we may bow our knee...”
They didn’t know it was a trap;
But when they found the babe in Mary’s lap;
They gave Him gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

(The Star of Bethlehem appeared in the constellation of Leo, the Lion, the totem of the tribe of Judah. An attorney and fellow blogger, Anglican Crumudgeon speaks about the evidence from astronomical research.
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Alice C. Linsley said...

Hannah, this is so lovely! You are very talented.

Gregg said...

great job hannah! i think you would make an excellent poet!
chandler hamby