Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High School Freshman on What Really Matters

Forever Changing World
By Jordan Romaine, Grade 9

We have all these plans

to go somewhere

be something

but life gets in the way.

We dream big of what we want

to accomplish in life,

ready, set, go …

with the fashion craze or sports,

forgetting who was with us from the beginning,

leaving friends in the dust

as we run after beauty that fades.

What matters are the choices we make,

the friends we gain,

the lasting things of the Lord

that hold us in place in this forever changing world.

Read Jordan's excellent short story - The Flint Knife - here.

1 comment:

poetreader said...

Great stuff, Jordan!
"Life gets in the way"
Boy, does it. I've got over a half century on you (I'll be 70 in march) and that's the way it looks even now. I wouldn't have thought 16 years or so was enough time to discover such a thing. I certainly wasn't there yet at that age. You've seen very clearly and written it well. Thank you.

ed pacht