Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sarah Cline's Poem: The Graveyard

The Graveyard

By Sarah Cline, Grade 7

Open the gate, once shiny and black,
Now twisted and brown with rust.
Open the gate, your fait to await,
But open it just if you must.

Now creep through the entrance, go in a slow way,
So not to disturb those who quietly lay.

See the old tree, with a bench by it’s roots,
The bench swinging gently, the tree slightly bent,

See the old church, now abandoned by all,
Lonely and homely as it stands grey and small.

See the dirt pathway, now covered with weeds,
It softens the trod of the few that approach.

See all the names of the people once breathing,
A small prayer by their dates, names, and deeds.

This is the song of the graveyard,
quiet and old, yet it feels quite a live.
The song of the ones that lay here alone,
Somber and still as they lay under stone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! That's a wonderful poem. You did a fabulous job!
God bless,
Hannah M. (from Principia)

Anonymous said...

That is a remarkable Poem. Your Dad is very Proud of you! great job!

Michelle said...

Lovely as always.

I am blessed beyond belief to have helped nurture such a talent. I look forward to your next project...


Alice C. Linsley said...

Sarah, I have a friend who has started a magazine for Christian Youth called Alethia. He'd like to publish this poem if you add another stanza that includes the hope of the Resurrection. Contact Mr. Nick Muzekari here: