Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chandler Hamby, Promising Young Poet

I'd like to introduce a promising young writer, Chandler Hamby, who is eleven years old. This poem expresses sentiments well beyond her years, I think. 

my birth

I saw you from up in the sky,
just a twinkle in your eye,
while God looked down and smiling said,
"Would you like to have that empty bed?"

I told him yes, and thanked him much,
to be granted parents like such,
I said good-bye to my heavenly friends,
and told them God is good to all ends.

So I danced along the path of stars
and said good-bye to brother Mars,
I told the sun I'd see him soon,
along with Jupiter and Neptune.

At last I lighted on a cloud,
which took me down to you.
In your womb I finally grew,
a seed which God had given to you.

At last the joyful tidings spread,
that I was born upon the bed.
That now is not the bed of want because I came to you,
as well as some brothers few.

So now I'm older and I'm grown,
but still the seed that you have sown,
your work is almost done,
there remains no tasks but one:

That task is to keep praying ,
even while your hairs are greying,
and I for one will praise the LORD,
who sent me once to you.

--Chandler Hamby (Grade 6)


poetreader said...

Oh Chandler!
I don't know what to say!
This is so beautiful that you've made an old man cry.
I hope your Mom has seen this.
Tomorrow is my Mom's 92nd birthday (I'm 70!) and your poem showed up just in time. I'll be reading it to her tomorrow.

Thank you.

ed pacht

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful writer! I love your beautiful poem. Keep up the good work!!

Your loving friend,
Hannah Mulliken

poetreader said...

I did read the poem to Mom, and she liked it as much as I do. Good work, Chandler!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chandler! I just wanted to say, this is beautiful. I can't believe you were only eleven when you wrote it! Keep writing!
Tory :D