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Composition Writing

We are going to work on skills related to composition development. Key elements include:

An attention-grabbing opening paragraph that also focuses the pieceDetails that support your position or your main idea. Use historical events, data, discoveries, and/or experiences to provide supportive details.Good transition sentences so that one paragraph or one idea flows well into the next.A conclusion that summarizes key ideas and ties the composition togetherGood grammar, correct spelling and proper punctuationHere is a prompt like those used for the Governor's Cup competitions. Write a 250 word composition on this topic and email it to me as an attachment.

Many of the problems in the United States are directly related to illiteracy. Illiteracy is passed along by parents who cannot read so that a family may have several generations of non-readers. Research shows that two-thirds of students who cannot read proficiently by age nine will end up in jail or on welfare. The fourth grade is the…

On the Mount of the Lord it Shall be Provided

The LORD Will Provide

Chandler Hamby (Grade 6)

It all started when the Harrison family, which included Mom, Dad, Edward and Christy, decided to take a trip to their vacation home on a mountain that the family had decided to call “Mount Blessing.” Here they would explore, relax and pray. The family planned to camp for a couple days, during which they intended to explore more of the mountain, going from the bottom up.

After a week of preparation, they arrived and unpacked, eager to explore before dinner. Christy suggested this as the wild freedom of the mountain thrilled her. She loved to explore the enormous gorge near the middle of the mountain, which she had discovered while looking for wildlife.

Theirs was a large stone house, with a river across the trail road and animals on the mountain slopes. It was a very secluded place so they enjoyed peace and quiet all the time.

One afternoon, Christy and her brother set out to explore the mountain from the bottom up. Edward brought his l…

A Poem about Memories


There I lie in the cold sweet snow.
I hear a calming whisper.
It is the voice I used to know,
My mother’s gentle tone –
A memory.
Then, an inner warmth
Like my father’s touch
Reminds me of when he was near
But he is gone.
As I lie longer in the soft snow
Looking at the midnight sky
Thinking about the world,
The memories fade away
Like a fire turning to ashes
Like a picture fading in a frame.
The snow no longer feels sweet,
No longer a place for snow angels.
It feels cold.

--Jordan Romain (Grade 9)