Friday, January 21, 2011

On the Mount of the Lord it Shall be Provided

The LORD Will Provide

Chandler Hamby (Grade 6)

It all started when the Harrison family, which included Mom, Dad, Edward and Christy, decided to take a trip to their vacation home on a mountain that the family had decided to call “Mount Blessing.” Here they would explore, relax and pray. The family planned to camp for a couple days, during which they intended to explore more of the mountain, going from the bottom up.

After a week of preparation, they arrived and unpacked, eager to explore before dinner. Christy suggested this as the wild freedom of the mountain thrilled her. She loved to explore the enormous gorge near the middle of the mountain, which she had discovered while looking for wildlife.

Theirs was a large stone house, with a river across the trail road and animals on the mountain slopes. It was a very secluded place so they enjoyed peace and quiet all the time.

One afternoon, Christy and her brother set out to explore the mountain from the bottom up. Edward brought his leather pouch with a survival kit, including a rope and climbing gear. Although they were well equipped, he felt an odd sensation as he drove down the mountain, and left their car on the edge of the road.

“Let’s start climbing!” Christy exclaimed, eager to start the ascent.

“Hold on, little hiker, this will take a minute,” Dad replied. After a wait they finally put on their backpacks with half the food in Edward’s and the other in Dad’s while they did the same with the gear.

After several hours of hiking, the family encountered a river with a cascading waterfall. They decided to try to wade it, as the current, though strong, was not very deep. They managed to make it to the middle, when a sudden drop-off swept Christy off her feet and carried her downstream. Her terrified shriek brought the others to see her almost at the edge of the waterfall, and rapidly approaching its edge. “Christy!” yelled Edward, who had made it to the bank and ran after her.

Upon reaching the spot where she was holding on for dear life to a small branch stuck in the water, he dove in. But the force of his weight instantly snapped the branch, and in an instant they were swept right over the roaring water. For a split second they looked back at Mom and Dad, who were running as hard as they could, and mom crying and screaming. Then, with a roar they both were drug under and over the cliff. The yells coming from Edward and Christy were something their parents never forgot, and as they plunged down the waterfall Edward held Christy’s hand and prayed, “Dear LORD save us! please, if you do we will forever dedicate this mountain to you!”

At that very moment, spying a smaller cliff with a log hanging off it, he desperately threw himself out of the water onto it and gripping her hand, managed to pull Christy out as well. For a terrified moment they shuffled and crawled towards the bank, then fell onto it gasping for breath. Christy and Edward never cried, but only looked at each other and thanked the LORD for their miraculous escape. Then Edward looked up the waterfall from whence they had come, and saw that they had fallen over two hundred feet in less than five seconds. Christy recovered, and looking at Edward asked plaintively, “How do we get back up?”

“I don’t know,” Edward replied. “I guess we could try the climbing gear. If we can climb up the waterfall we can find the path and get back to the car. Let’s pray! The LORD will provide.” Edward was peaceful and confident, although he thought that the car probably would be gone.

“Well, we must try, this mountain is rocky, and we may be able to get back, if there is any hope we must try,” replied Christy with a trembling voice.

“All right, come on," Edward said, as he took off the climbing gear and put on the climbing hooks. He tied the rope around Christy's waist and looped it around his own, hooked the spikes in to the rock, and started the long, toilsome journey. It was a long, hard climb, but to while away some time, they tried to sing all the hymns they knew that mentioned mountains, one verse of each. After three hours their efforts were rewarded by being able to see through the mist of the fall, the top. They had gone about 150 feet, and just as they were beginning to have hope about getting back, they saw a huge, snarling mountain lion. It was climbing stealthily up to where they were.

“Christy,” Edward said very quietly, “Pull the pistol out of my survival kit.”

Christy did so.

“Now aim at its head and fire,” whispered Edward still very quietly.

Christy slowly raised the pistol, aimed, breathed a prayer and fired. Her hand was shaking badly and the first bullet missed. She again fired, this time hitting the lion's head. The roar it gave was so loud it almost made them fall, but as it with its last breath sprang, it fell and rolled off the cliff. Edward's face was gray.

“Thank the LORD, Christy! I did not know why I wanted to bring this kit, but the LORD must have prompted me to, because he knew what would happen. He has truly used this mountain to strengthen our faith in him!

As they climbed they were silent. Finally, after what seemed a decade, they pulled themselves over the edge, and saw the water fall. After some searching, and thanks to Edward’s compass, they found the path from hence they had come. They found the path almost as quickly and for some hours descended it. The car was not there, and for a moment the two children stared at the space it had occupied with blank expressions. Then, with simple, child-like faith began to pray.
“Dear LORD,” began Edward, “you have saved us from death, the waterfall, and the lion. You have used this mountain to strengthen our faith, and it has. Please, oh LORD, help us to find our parents! In the name of your Son. Amen.

“Amen!” solemnly repeated Christy.

Suddenly, they heard rustling and saw their parents. They called out to them: “Mom! Dad!” and ran into their arms.
After much praising God, they told the story to their parents. They listened in silent wonder as the children recounted how the LORD had saved them.

“Children, I've heard this and indeed the LORD helped you. Because of this, we will christen this mountain, ‘Providence,’ instead of Blessing, to forever remember what God has done.”

“Amen!” the family agreed.

So they hiked back, and arrived at the cabin as the light was waning.

After a week, they returned home and when people asked what mountain they visited, they smilingly replied, “Mount Providence.” And now you know why.



Mistylynn said...

That is a wonderful story. I could see a few places I felt corrections were needed, but quickly forgot as I was pulled back into the story. What a blessing your writing will be to all whom encounter it. May God bless you bountifully.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Given her age, the work is quite good.