Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poem for my Godchild with Leukemia

Leah, Age 7
 Leah's Burden

Hard things come upon us.
When we are unready they assault us.
When our hopes are high and we have dared to breathe again,
Hope is dashed and darkness floods into our souls.

When the body of a pretty child
turns upon itself in bitter ugliness,
How it wrenches loving watching hearts!
How it tears them from their trusted moorings!
How the grief pervades their very being!
And what questions tear apart their minds!
Earthly reason cannot comprehend such a thing as this is,
And a solid faith is by it strained,

For we do not know,
Cannot know,
The whys and hows and reasons of such a thing as this,
And in our anguish only scream in useless hurt,
In doubt, perhaps, that God is truly good,
and we are brought so near to deep despair.

God knows.
He knows what this child must be enduring.
He knows the hurt that fills a parent's soul.
He knows the questions that the younger ones must face,
And He knows the meaning borne in this sad and tragic tale.

God knows.
God loves,
And in His plan all things are brought to work for good,
All things,
Even this,
Though we cannot see the good that He is working,
Though we surely cannot now give thanks,
And though we want to raise our fists in our frustration,
God is good,
Cold comfort when we hear it in the midst of pain,
Yet it is true,
And, in our grieving, if we only let Him hold us,
He will bring us through.

--ed pacht

This is Leah's second battle with leukemia.  She was in remission for about 10 months.  Leah continues her fight with Leukemia (ALL) and is embarking on a several months journey of chemotherapy leading up to another long journey of a bone marrow transplant. This challenges all in the family,  including her mother Sarah, her father Robert, and her precious siblings: Mae- age 6, Issac- age 4, and Aaron- age 2. Through this LotsaHelpingHands website, we hope to rally your support. You can help with housecleaning, meals, prayers, and financial assistance.

If you can help Leah and her family, please do by going to Lots a Helping Hands. You will need to register to sign up to help.  It is easy.  If you have any trouble, email the case worker, Nanette Efird at Nanette can sign you up over the phone or by email.

If you are a member at St. Andrew Church, coordinate taking the Nash family meals with Alison Morris 859 263-7732.

Thanks for praying!

Alice C. Linsley


Alice C. Linsley said...

Ed, Thanks so much for this inspiring poem! Your poem will bless this family.

edpacht1 said...

The story just gripped my heart and I had to write - the godchild of a friend, making me think of my one godchild. What would I have done? What would I have thought? I also think of my own godfather, just recently departed, and the deep and genuine bond that was there all these years. What could be harder than this? And yet, God is good. I had to write it..

I had no thought of it being published when I wrote it, but I'm truly glad you did it, and, if my words are any help at all to hurting parents, I will be glad.

Remember, Lord, thy servant Leah. Support her in her trials. Show thy favor to her parents, and, somehow, let thy mercy shine forth, now and always and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Anonymous said...

mr. pact, i can feel for you, i lost a baby sibling years ago, but i still feel the pain. may God bless you and yours, especially this child of the covenant.

chandler hamby

Alice C. Linsley said...


Leah is my godchild, not Ed's.

Maybe you should write a story about the loss of your baby sibling. That would be something that could inspire and move your readers.