Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Great Saying

You, Great Giver, gave me this treasure.
I’m blessed, but afraid that I will not be
The mother and wife I want to be,
Your servant.
Give me strength to be all
That You know I wish to be,
What You will help me to be.

Thank you for this promise,
This gift and sign of Your love.
In the years ahead I will praise You,
I will exalt the Lord and rejoice
For I suffered in labor, but you whispered
“You’re safe. The victory is mine.”

Generations of women have fought this fight and won.
Though we sit at the hearth, not the battlefield,
Though we spin instead of fight,
The greatest honor ever given to woman
Is when she holds her squalling child
And sighs, “I have fought a battle of life with death and won!”

As you hold him, the fruit of love and patience,
As your hopes and fears for him come together
Like a rushing wind
The roar is hushed by a great saying: “I love you!”

--Chandler Hamby


edpacht1 said...

I'm speechless!

ed pacht

Hope Ellen Rapson said...

I could see Mary thinking this...Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I can see Mary thinking these thoughts...Excellent!I hope you will join my more advanced Poety Intensive this year in May.

Anonymous said...

I can see Mary thinking these very thoughts during her waiting time...Excellent! I hope that you will enroll in my more advanced Poetry Writing Intensive this coming May.