Friday, December 16, 2011

Vacant Chair by Paul Turnidge

The gentleman who wrote this touching poem lost his wife, Flo, about a week before my mother died. Flo and my mother were friends. I hope they’ve met each other by now in heaven.


I love you dear with all my heart,
True love was ours to share,
God has called you to His Home,
I’m left with a vacant chair.

I think of things I’ve done today,
My toil and my care;
I praise the Lord you’re free from pain,
But I’m left with a vacant chair.

The day will come, I’ll join you there,
In Heaven, bright and fair,
We’ll praise the Lord, with all our heart,
And there’ll be no vacant chair!

--Paul R. Turnidge


Anonymous said...

This poem resonates. I lost my wife of 34 years, Sue, on December 8, to leukemia. Itbsure is an emptyb apartment without her!

Chip Bergeron

Alice C. Linsley said...

Chip, All these years later the loss is still felt. I wish you a blessed Christmas. May the joy of Christ fill your apartment!