Monday, January 16, 2012

Identity: Christ's Own Forever


I reshape
With the color, movement, and pattern
Of a turning kaleidoscope
Showing variegated emotions---
Hate and love; joy and grief.

Yet here I live.

I romance
A bright blue sky in October,
Hot chocolate and a good book,
Ocean winds through my hair,
Cooling rains dripping down my skin.

I revel in wonders.

I pursue
Confidence from knowledge,
Respect paired with trust,
Love and laughter around friendship,
Great variety found in beauty.

I seek these things.

I hope
You see me in these words
About simple things;
Though my words stumble, trip,
I am just a fallen human.

He is not.

I follow
The Greatest Teacher
The best Friend anyone could.
All beautiful things are His.
And He is my Lover forever.

My identity resides in Him.

--Abigail Hope Neff (Grade 9)


Franklin Hoecke said...

Your published Abigail! Congrats! Get ready for some competition.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Franklin, join the cheese poem contest. Details are here:

edpacht1 said...

There's a depth of imagery here that I just don't expect from a freshman. This is a strong and mature piece, and, yes, Abigail, for me also, my identity resides in Him. Thank you for saying it so well.

ed pacht