Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sin's Solvent

A High Demand

I looked and saw a Light so true,
  That covered blushes to my face,
And made me cower in the shadow with shame,
  Yea, shame for my sinful race.

It was no maiden blush-indeed!
  My heart quickened it was true,
But it was because the righteous Man I loved,
  His footsteps mockingly saying, “they come not for you.”

I cowered in the doorway,
  Yet snatched His face, and locked it in my heart.
For though how could He love a worm as I?
  My heart so pierced with worldly dart.

But as I lay, in misery,
  My Love did not pass me by,
But drew me up, and smiling said,
  “Maiden, why do you sigh?”

But I sprang from His touch, so gentle and pure,
  Yet burning as if from flame.
For that very reason; His righteousness,
  Kept me from even speaking His Name!

So I whispered, not daring to up look,
  And see His shining face,
But said, in sadness, oh how deep?
  “Oh, sir, I cannot accept Your grace.

For how high a demand, oh yes, how true!
  To offer up my heart so ill,
So scarred, so deep, so black with sin,
  Yet longing to find You still.”

I then dared, to see His face,
  The face I love so well.
And found only pity without contempt,
  And into His lightening eyes I fell.

He spoke of love, so deep and true,
  A solvent for my dark sin,
Healing oil to purge, and hyssop pure;
  His mansion I would dwell therein.

So I whispered to my Love,
  so deeply aware of my sin,
“Sir, to accept You, must not I be pure?
  And if not, could I ever come in?

Mistake me not, Sir, (my Love so dear),
  I would come into Your mansion above,
If a mire of despair and a book of sins,
  Did not overshadow my love.”

But again, I dared to see His face,
  And look upon Those eyes,
That told me that I am welcomed there,
  And to dry my tears and ease my sighs.

He set a crown on my head,
  And His throne He took me to,
But with joy, not pain, I threw down my crown,
 And cried out, “My Lord, it is You!”

--Chandler Hamby


ed pacht said...

words fail ! ! !

Alice Linsley said...

Chandler took her time with this one. I like it very much.