Friday, August 24, 2012

An Ethan Seevers Poem

Ethan Seever is my newest private writing student. He shows great promise and this piece gives a glimpse of  some of his thought currents.

Is It Too Late?

Here is the time where we find out we're men
when we can break a heart but not bend
and when we come finally to understand
that when your heart breaks its not the end
though you feel the blow down real low
and it feels like you should curl up and know
it is time to go but
take it slow.
Don’t get caught up in the moment
just like my Pops said
“guard your heart”
don’t give way to sin
because in the end you never win.
You lose.
Why did I choose
not to listen to him
and because of my choice I did not bend.
I broke.
Guess I’m not a real man
but I understand now from this end.
Is it too late to go back to then
before all this crap caused by my sin?
 Can I go back and make sure I win
avoid making the same mistake again
but I’m prone to sin so how can
I ever win?

--Ethan Seevers (Grade 11)


ed pacht said...

This is a wonderfully thoughtful piece, and these are thoughts I've struggled with for years, as did St. Paul (see Romans, chapter 7). I read the poem and couldn't help continuing it in the following:


I’m prone to sin,
so how can I ever win?
My strength is not enough
to more than just begin,
and life is just too tough;
for every time I try I fall,
and to my sorrow know my loss,
and then I hear a soft voice call,

“Lift up your eyes and see the Cross,
watch the Blood there pouring down,
see the piercèd hands and tortured feet,
and on that head the mocking crown,
and watch a death without defeat.”

I lift my eyes to the scene above,
to eyes that look into my soul,
from that horror born of love,
and seem to promise to make me whole.
On that Cross with Him sins die,
carried by Him to death’s dark grave,
and as He rises and fills the sky,
I come to know that Jesus will save.

----------ed pacht

Alice Linsley said...


Anonymous said...

it is never too late, until you are dead. :)

-chandler hamby

Anonymous said...

so beautifully written.