Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Monsters, Mummies, Banshees and Blobs

Here are some delightful poems for the season of ghosts and ghouls. All are written by a talented fifth grader named Shelby Stuart.

The Vampire at the Amusement Park

What an embarrassment. What a shame.
I no longer have my own good name.
Do you promise not to peep?
On the Upside-Down Coaster – I fell asleep!

Big Sister Mummy to Brother

I told you not to pull my hair
many times before.
Even though it’s barely there’s
no reason to ignore.
You’re being as annoying
as a big old moth.
So PLEASE stop toying
and stop yanking my cloth!

Banshee’s Blunder

Yes, I know it’s sensible.
It’s truly comprehensible.
But still, I feel
like some kind of nut
when on the roller coaster
you taped my mouth shut.

The Blob’s Fast Food Dining

I cannot believe what I’ve seen.
I started to lose my slimy sheen.
I screamed as loud as I was able
when I saw gum under the table.

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