Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Mountains Call: Another Fulton Bryant Poem

A Truly Spectacular Place

In immensely dark caves,
Over lightly shaded gray clouds,
With amazing spooky waters in the background,
Winter cools the earth

From highly held cliffs,
Beneath steeply carved peaks,
Around undiscovered corners
I hear the mountains calling me. 

--Fulton Bryant, grade 6


ed pacht said...

Hey Fulton!

What an amazing and evocative piece!

The poet is seeing/hearing/feeling something that won't come together logically, that can't really quite be said -- The elements of the poem just don't add up, not to a literal mind, but, boy, do they come together in this old man's spirit.

Your use of images, and the sound and rhythm of your words build something more solid than reality and shake me up inside.

I don't know just what it means, but, for sure, "Around undiscovered corners I hear the mountains calling me."

Thank you.

Alice Linsley said...

I like it too. Evocative is a good word for this. said...

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