Saturday, March 9, 2013

What I see in the mirror

When we look in the mirror we see our image reflected. That means we are not seeing ourselves as we are seen by others. We often don't like what we see. We are not content with how we look. Some are obsessed with their image, like Narcissus.

The Jewish custom at Shiva is to drape all mirrors with black cloth. Mirrors are covered in a place of mourning for two reasons. The primary reason is because prayer services take place there and one must ensure that no one faces a mirror during prayer. The other reason is to emphasize that a mourner avoids vanity during the shiva, focusing on their loved one rather than themselves during this period.


Looking in the mirror

I see everything behind me.

I see my whole past.

The scars I see remind me.

I see everything behind me.

I see the kid inside me

And these scars remind me

Of all the nights I cried.

That kid is still inside me

His past is terrifying.

Many nights he stayed awake crying.

The scars he keeps on hiding.

My past is terrifying.

Every night I was frightened.

I can’t hide my scars, but I am trying.

My past it seems to define me.

Now every night I am frightened

So sometimes I’m still crying.

My past still defines me.

I can’t help but look behind me.

Sometimes I’m still crying

When I look in the mirror.

I can’t help but look behind me

And see no one here beside me.

I’m looking in the mirror.

I see only myself.

There’s no one here beside me.

There’s no one here to help.

I see only myself

And remember the pain I felt.

No one was there to help me

Pick myself up when I fell.

I remember the pain I felt.

I remember the tears I cried.

I remember when I fell.

Now its me, myself and I

Now I see the tears I cry.

It is painful to remember.

It hurts me, myself and I

To be looking in the mirror.

---Ethan Seevers (Grade 11)

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