Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Pain wracks my brain.
Did I mention it hurts?
Of all the miseries...

This one will put me in a hearse.
For sure, it’s a headache,
A jab in the brain;

Lightning then rain.
Will no one give me rest?
Four little people running around,
Stomping and shrieking and shaking the ground.

I’m writing as my cranium throbs,
I guess we all have our things and our jobs,
My writing is soothing - to others it is pain?

Really, I could do without this in my brain.

--Chandler Hamby


ed pacht said...

Been there.
Done that.
Said that,
but never so well.
Good job!

Chandler Hamby said...

thanks, mr. Ed! :)

Alice Linsley said...


Chandler is now in hospice. Pray for her family. The brain tumor is aggressive and there are no more treatment options.