Thursday, September 12, 2013

October Short Short Contest

This year Students Publish Here is hosting a short story contest. Here are the Guidelines:

Limit: No more than 600 words
                Start with the action, as close as possible to the climax, and go from there to the resolution.

Deadline: October 15

Extension Story: This year the contest involves writing an extension to a modern piece of fiction or a nursery rhyme. This is a short story that tells what happens to the main character(s) after the end of the published work. The story should be an extension of another story or series of stories such as what happened to Tarzan, the life of the Three Little Pigs after their houses were gone, or the happy-ever-after or the not so happy-ever-after of the dish that ran away with the spoon. Write about your favorite characters: the hobbits, the talking horses of Narnia, or Merlin and King Arthur. Here is an example.

Submission: Submit your story as a Word Document attachment to your email.  Email the Editor here:

The winners will be announced on October 30 and the best stories will be published here.

Good luck!

Alice C. Linsley

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