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Yearning for Spring After a Hard Winter

This has been a hard winter for many Americans. Recent warm days make us yearn for Spring, and just when we think it has arrived, we are hit by another winter storm.  Readers will find the following poem a satisfying reminder that good things are coming! -- Alice C. Linsley

SPRING By Sue Smith

The months of snow and ice have passed, Tis time for Spring to bloom at last. (A telltale sign that she is here, With forked tail and notes of cheer - the swallow).
Snowdrops peeping through frosted earth, Symbolize impending birth; Each year this miracle occurs As life within the hard ground stirs.
As dawn unfolds, the sun ascends; We are awakened by our 'friends'. Nightingale, chaffinch, sparrows, too, Join in the happy bill and coo.
All in busy preparation For the vernal celebration. (The one exception to this rule Is the bird we aptly call - the cuckoo.)
A pastel brush adorns the scene, With hints of yellow, purple, green. The primrose shyly pushes through Beside the violet's de…

Another great review of Steal Away!

Here is the first Amazon.UK review of Rayanne Sinclair's first novel Steal Away.

"This little gem of a book is a bittersweet telling of love separated by distance and secrets. Beautifully written, the characters really came to life for me with the author capturing her setting in vivid detail. I particularly loved the dialogue and the fact the two loves came from distinctly different backgrounds which made their relationship all the more plausible and absorbing." (From here.)

Steal Away is available in paperback or e-book. If you have read it, please take a moment to write a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or on the author's Facebook page. If you haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

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A Poem for Lent 1

A Poem for Lent 1: Word and Action

Eve took a fatal bite of fruit 
when tempted by the snake
But Christ would not turn stones to bread
despite His hunger-ache.

Eve acted on the tempter’s words―
Christ countered them instead,
And lived and died and rose again
to bring us living bread.

O Christ who crushed the serpent’s head
to save us from the Fall,
Defend us by Your mighty word
when Satan comes to call.

© 2007 Kathryn Ann Hill