Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yearning for Spring After a Hard Winter

This has been a hard winter for many Americans. Recent warm days make us yearn for Spring, and just when we think it has arrived, we are hit by another winter storm.  Readers will find the following poem a satisfying reminder that good things are coming! -- Alice C. Linsley

By Sue Smith

The months of snow and ice have passed,
Tis time for Spring to bloom at last.
(A telltale sign that she is here,
With forked tail and notes of cheer - the swallow).

Snowdrops peeping through frosted earth,
Symbolize impending birth;
Each year this miracle occurs
As life within the hard ground stirs.

As dawn unfolds, the sun ascends;
We are awakened by our 'friends'.
Nightingale, chaffinch, sparrows, too,
Join in the happy bill and coo.

All in busy preparation
For the vernal celebration.
(The one exception to this rule
Is the bird we aptly call - the cuckoo.)

A pastel brush adorns the scene,
With hints of yellow, purple, green.
The primrose shyly pushes through
Beside the violet's deeper hue.

Azure bluebells in the breeze
Sway beneath the hawthorne trees.
Delicate blossoms scent the air,
Showering fragrance everywhere.

The tiny creatures of the wood
Awake from sleep and look for food.
They scamper, scurry, frolic, roam,
They clean and polish last year's home.

When finally it's spic and span
(And hidden well from prying Man)
They bear their young and lead them out
To teach what life is all about.

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