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Beso Dulce - Rayanne Sinclair's second novel

Title: Beso Dulce (Sweet Kiss)
Author: Rayanne Sinclair
ISBN: 978-0-9897502-2-6
Hopetoun Publishing
Edmonds, Washington
197 pages

Review by Alice C. Linsley

Beso Dulce is Rayanne Sinclair’s second novel. This love story is as compelling as her first novel Steal Away. The main characters are Katarina Steiner (“Kat”) and Juan Diego Alvarez (“JD”). As a couple, they strike a contrast. Kat is a stunning model with blonde hair and blue eyes. JD is a tall, muscular, and swarthy Mexican rancher. Their romance sparks from their first encounter standing before Canova’s famous sculpture of Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss in the Louvre.

Disillusioned by the shallowness of the fashion industry, Kat seeks a new direction in her life. She plans to open an art gallery in Seaside, California. Still reeling from the tragedy of her parents’ death, Kat seeks solace in the beauty of great art and by visiting family in Vienna, Austria. Her visit to the Louvre in Paris is pivotal to events that follow. The scenes with her family are endearing, as is Kat’s relationship with a long-time family friend, Larry Barnes, a wise older man.

This novel is rich in scenery. The reader is taken on a grand tour of Monterrey, Paris, Vienna and “the sleepy little town of Todos Santos” in Baja California. The cast of characters includes the warm and colorful staff at Juan Diego’s ranch, and the complication of Jason, a handsome old flame from Kat’s university days. There is an intriguing relationship between Kat’s best friend, Barb, and JD’s younger brother.

The plot deepens as the relationship between Kat and JD deepens. They discover that their attraction has a spiritual dimension. Despite their cultural difference, they are well suited. They learn more about each other when Kat visits JD’s ranch. Seeing JD in his natural setting stirs Kat’s heart, and her life takes a dramatic turn. The closing scene of JD riding his Arabian stallion on the beach at dusk is spectacular. This novel makes the heart race, and were it to be made into a film, it would be a cinematic success.

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