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Rayanne Sinclair's Third Novel is Out!

Rayanne Sinclair has done it again! Her third novel is out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Page Turner came to market earlier than planned due to Rayanne's “semi-retirement” last August. Though she continues with consulting assignments, she appreciates the extra time to write and she has already started her fourth book. The four books will be available as a boxed set for the holidays.

Here are reviews of her other novels:

Steal Away
Beso Dulce

St. Ephrem on Christ and Chrism

St. Ephrem the Syrian was born c 306 and was baptized as a young man by Bishop James of Nisibis. He was ordained a deacon and pretended to be mad to avoid consecration as a bishop. When Jovianus ceded Nisibis to the Persians in 363, Ephrem and many other Christians moved to Edessa, northwest of Mosul, Iraq. He died there in 373 while he was ministering to people suffering from the plague.

St. Ephrem wrote over 1,000 works in all, over 3,000,000 lines. Many of his works are difficult to translate because of their complex structures, images, wordplays, and parallels. Some scholars question the authenticity of all texts attributed to the "Harp of the Faith," a name frequently given to Ephrem, since many exist in Latin or Greek translation only. Ephrem wrote polemical verse defending the faith against gnostics and Arians, as well as poems against specific people, like Bar-Daisan.

Ephrem was devoted to the the Virgin Mary - Blessed "Theotokos"- and wrote much in her pr…