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Interview with Rayanne Sinclair

Rayanne Sinclair has done it again! Her third novel is well crafted and inspirational. Page Turner came to market earlier than planned due to Rayanne's “semi-retirement” last August. Though she continues with consulting assignments, she appreciates the extra time to write and she has started her fourth book. The four books will be available as a boxed set for the Christmas holiday.

What was the inspiration for this book?

I must admit that my stories are “given” to me – from beginning to end.  As you know, I’ve not spent a lifetime dreaming about becoming an author – and certainly not an author of fiction.  I often don’t see the purpose behind these stories until they are completed in first draft. That can be frustrating, but I actually think it forces me to simply trust that the Lord has some intention with the books that I may never know or understand this side of heaven.

As with all my novels (genre: new adult inspirational romance), I’m trying to project role models for today’s y…