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Four Diamante Poems

These diamante poems were written by students in a summer poetry class led by Hope Ellen Rapson.

A diamante is a seven line poem, shaped like a diamond. It is a poem of oppositions which works toward the middle.

Time By Tabitha Bolen (age 12)
Sunrise Sun, light Smiling, playing, laughing Morning, noon, evening, midnight Lurking, looming, creeping, Moon, dark Nightfall

Salvation By Ian Paul Neff (age 13)
Man Stubborn, selfish Living, sinning, dying Condemned, saved, reborn, sent Watching, praying, protecting Almighty, selfless God

Growth By Avery Craddock (age 12)
Acorn Small, weak Sprouting, growing, changing Water, sunlight, nest, squirrels Standing, thriving, living Tall, strong Oak

Transformation By Katherine Ruth Neff (age 12)
Ice White and cold Chilling, cooling, freezing Solid, water, boil, steam Heating, scorching, burning Red and hot Fire

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