Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sun-Moon: Are They Opposites?

A diamante contains opposing concepts which meet in the middle line and is structured in a diamond shape.  The conception of the Sun and Moon as opposites is very ancient.  In the ancient world, the Sun represented the male principle in creation and the Moon the female principle.  We see this concept in the Spanish language where sol (sun) takes the masculine article el and luna (moon) takes the feminine article la. The binary opposition of Sun and Moon is not strong in this poem, but I still like it.


big, bright

shining, glowing, warming

sky, sunset, night, stars

twinkling, reflecting, beaming

full, white


--Madeline Smith

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Anonymous said...

very pretty! you seem to have a ift for constructing beautiful poems full of feeling with very few words. Keep writing!
-chandler hamby