Friday, April 30, 2010

Poem: True Myths Never Die

Anthropologic Study of True Myths

Not by mere myth
or legend were we begun
as one language, one people, one poem
set within one ancestral

Sciences which
unearth, discover, decipher, reveal
each tightly woven basket thread, uncover
ancient artifact accounts inspired
by common origin;

Relics from time when life began
intentional, a spoken Word; when Existence breathed
both soul & wisdom into the mud-face of man;
beauty animated, perfection fashioned by
One Triune Maker.

In Truth, we were
thoughtfully placed for fair
nurture, endless growth within His Holy East;
His delight, a garden named

Story lines run true, noetic
narratives; deep rooted & repetitive
universal themes planted more central than cellular
core or mere atomic structure, true tales
strewn as seedstock;

Foundations cast   
further than each field of stars;
spirit inspired thought, flung far within
the reaches of expanding Wisdom;
spread throughout this vast
& Sacred universe.

Because they carry
the germ of Truth within,
these stories can
never die.

3 May 1999
Rockdale County, Georgia

Matushka Elizabeth Perdomo

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