Sunday, March 9, 2008


The snow finally stopped here in central Kentucky! In my area we had an accumulation of between 10 and 12 inches. The state trucks plowed the snow into a heap at the mouth of my drive, so my car sits idle until the thaw. Today the sun is shining and the blanket of undisturbed snow around the lake is brilliant white. I thought that I would post some poems about snow, as this certainly will be the last (we hope) of the winter storms.

Winter's Alliteration
Justin Clements, Grade 10

Frail relationships are made firm
when flurries fly.
Families form
when frost falls.
Neighborhoods forget
distances, fences and yards
watching children frolic
in winter's frigid fantasy.

(Justin was one of my gifted creative writing students at Millersburg Military Institute before it closed.)

SuzAnne Cole

November fields - snow
flakes drifting down to cover
the last ripe pumpkins

(Published in Suraga-Baiku Literary Festival Anthology, 1999)

Snow in March
Melanie Bartelt

Errant snowflakes cling
To black slumbering branches –
The final showdown

(copyright 2006.


poetreader said...

What a wonderful use of alliteration! I've played with that a lot myself, and find that it so often gives (as it does so well in your piece) a really intriguing texture to the dance of words. I also appreciate the depth of thought and feeling you bring into your almost startling linking of weather and relationship. Nice work!


Alice C. Linsley said...

Poetreader, Justin is a very gifted poet, as you can see. I apologize for posting his poem with the wrong title. (I have corrected the mistake.) Justin's title is "Winter's Alliteration."