Monday, September 29, 2008

Ed Pacht on the Parable of the Wooden Bowl

Family Table

I am blind.
I am weak.
I stumble and mutter and drool.
My manners are bad.
My complaining is loud,
and nothing I do comes out right.
There's food on the floor
and stains on my clothes,
and dishes are broken and chipped.
Yet here I sit and here I am fed
,and here I can know His love.

I am blind.
I am weak.
I am loved.
I am called.
I am called to the Table of Love.
I may be a problem,
I may give you pain,
but I'm called to the Table of Love,
the Table where He offers Himself,
and, wounded, His hands feed me,
and hold me,
and take me for his very own,
and join me at His Table
to the everlasting family of Love.

ed pacht
Sept. 28, 2008

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