Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parable of the Minnows

Father Gregory Ned Blevins wrote this wonderful parable based on his experiences working at a marina. In this parable the net is a symbol of Christ.

So this new job I have, it’s at a marina, which sells live minnows as bait. Maintaining these minnows involves cleaning the tanks in which they live, and replacing dirty water with clean. The cleaning process requires transferring them, with a net, from one tank to another so that the dirty tank can be cleaned. Of course, the minnows aren’t very happy with this process, and invariably, the fastest and strongest minnows are the last to be netted and transferred. What the minnows don’t realize, of course, is that if they are not moved, they will die; the dirty water will kill them. Of course, while they are being transferred, flopping in the net, out of the water for a second or two, they FEEL like they are dying, and if they are especially strong, sometimes they jump out of the net. If they fall back into the water, they’re fine, but often, when they jump out of the net, some will land on the floor or ground, and lie there in agony, flopping around, gasping for the oxygen they cannot assimilate while being out of the water. The ones I miss, or don't get to fast enough, they really do die.

Let the reader understand.


Bishop Ijaz Inayat said...

The Society, the Church and those who are in authority need to change their attitude towards change in order to change others which ought to be their (Mission). For this every body has to plase themselves in the tranforming hands of Christ only who can change everything.
The Church and the society need to develop "The will" to change.

Alice C. Linsley said...

May God have mercy upon us. We in the West have become like sheep without a Shepherd. We are content to be wandering sheep when God has made us to be like the angels through His Son Jesus Christ.