Saturday, November 22, 2008

C.S. Lewis' Impressions of Billy Graham

In an interview conducted with C. S. Lewis in 1963 at Cambridge University, Lewis was asked what he thought of "Billy Graham asking people to come to a point of decision regarding the Christian life?" Here is Lewis' reply:

"I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Graham once. We had dinner together during his visit to Cambridge University in 1955, while he was conducting a mission to students. I thought he was a very modest and a very sensible man, and I liked him very much indeed.

In a civilization like ours, I feel that everyone has to come to terms with the claims of Jesus Christ upon his life, or else be guilty of inattention or of evading the question. In the Soviet Union it is different. Many people living in Russia today have never had to consider the claims of Christ because they have never heard of those claims.

In the same way, we who live in English-speaking countries have never been forced to consider the claims, let us say, of Hinduism. But in our Western civilization we are obligated both morally and intellectually to come to grips with Jesus Christ; if we refuse to do so we are guilty of being bad philosophers and bad thinkers."

Source: C. S. Lewis God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics, p. 265.


Hopie said...

The question everyone must address...What will you do with Jesus? Billy Graham and C.S. Lewis both knew that taking that question to heart and making a commitment to its answer was of eternal significance. Let us not avoid the question in the name of "tolerance" or "political correctness" or "kindness." It is true love the present and confront the alternatives, not let them float in ethereal nonthinkingness.

Alice C. Linsley said...

Excellent point, Hopie! Thoughtful people must ultimately address the evidence that Jesus is God in the flesh and King Eternal. Of course, all will know the truth at HIS Coming.