Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Students Publish Here welcomes another young writer. Taylor Dunkley has written a lovely poem about the first Thanksgiving. Notice her use of sensory images and alliteration, key elements of good poetry.

First Feast

Sleek black braids sway in the wind.
Dark brown eyes stare intensely at strange ships.
Booming voices bargain with pale blue-eyed people.
Coarse, calloused hands clutch crude tools,
As prosperous plantings sprout.
Strong muscular men stalk wild turkey.
Moccasin-covered feet dance
Gleefully with friends
At the first Thanksgiving feast.

- Taylor Dunkley, Grade 5


Michelle Cline said...

Wonderful! Bravo Taylor!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing that insightful poem!

-Michelle Cline

poetreader said...

This pieces falls trippingly off the tongue. I might even say it tastes good to read it aloud. And the delight of sound comes with a richness of image that fills the eyes of the mind with pictures. Keep it up, Taylor!


Mom said...

Hi Taylor,

You did a great job on this poem! I am so proud of you! I love you!


Anonymous said...

This is the best Thanksgiving poem I have ever read !!!!!

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thank you, Taylor, for allowing me to publish your excellent poem at Student Publish Here!

I hope that you will send me more of your best writing.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have much to thank God for, don't we?

Aunt T said...

This is a wonderful poem and I am so proud of your accomplishment. Congratulations on having it published !!!
We are thankful for you!
Aunt T

Hopie said...

Dear Taylor,

I am delighted that you have done so well so young. Keep working on your crafting and even better things will come.

Love, Mrs. R...

Moushumi said...

Great work, Taylor! Right usage of words! You are very talented! Thanks for sharing the poem!