Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome, Olivia Eastham!

Who I Am
Olivia Eastham, Grade 9

I am from many hours of four wheeling,
Farming and fishing at dark on the lake.
From front porch rocking chairs
And long walks along the creek
Catching crawdads and snakes.

I am from fresh corn on the cob
Green beans with fatback
Juicy watermelon on the back porch
With my Dad.
From running barefoot on gravel without complaining.

I am from huge family reunions with horse shoes,
Corn hole and hanging out.
From a tiny church where everyone knows each other
And no one is too shy to say hello.
From a place where it doesn’t matter what you wear.

I am from trail rides and cantering through fields
On my paint Tarzan.
From weekends spent team roping and barrel racing
And from the smell of dirt and sawdust in the arena.
I am from the country.

I am from a big move to the city with cars and exhaust fumes,
Malls at every turn and eating out at restaurants…
Far from the place of rodeos and family churches.
Here you have to leave home fifteen minutes early
To beat the rush hour.

I am not in that small town where I once lived.
I am a city girl now, leaving the country behind,
Not by choice.
I would give anything to go back
To where I am who I really am.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Olivia, You have created images of country living that many people can relate to, especially in the South. Who you really are is wonderful!

I look forward to reading more of your writing.

prains said...

What a wonderful poem! You are a very talented young lady.