Monday, April 12, 2010

What Easter is About

The following poem was crafted by two of my students working together.  Sometimes group writing produces good work, and I consider this to be worthy of publication.

Genesis 3:15

Unnatural laws push us
to remember how things were.
Our gloom brings back the Treasonable Trick.
Yet the peace foreseen
is inevitable,

- Dior Hartje and Courtney Rupp


poetreader said...


This is a wonderful little gem,
an accurate presentation of the content of the verse, but looking at it from a totally unexpected direction. I'm approaching 70 now and it's rare for me to think a new thought - one I haven';t thought before, but this jewel of a poem has provoked a whole new direction of thinking.

It's compact, absolutely nothing wasted, with a very pleasing sound when read aloud. This is more than worthy of publication. Your students are to be congratulated - as is their teacher.

ed pacht

Alice C. Linsley said...

Thank you, Ed.

I'll read your comment to the students. This will encourage them!